Application & Product Information


What are the labels made from?

Our adhesive vinyl labels are made from premium grade, clear vinyl which allows for semi-permanent fixing. That means they can be removed if you choose, but won’t keep their integrity to be reused somewhere else.

The transparent vinyl background gives the appearance of a vinyl cut decal-style label, however they are designed to be a singular piece to allow easy application and keep unwanted little sticky fingers from peeling off the ‘R’ in SHIRTS!

How do I care for my labels?

Our labels are waterproof (24 hours after being applied) and can even be used outside. We’ve even given them a whirl in the dishwasher (top shelf only), and they came out perfectly. Avoid scrubbing and putting in the microwave though.

What kinds of materials can I adhere my labels to?

Our labels can be applied to smooth and flat surfaces such as plastic, glass, mirrors, tiles & laminate. Textured and rough surfaces such as fabric and raw timber don’t adhere that well.

How do I apply my labels?

1. Thoroughly clean your surface and ensure it’s dry before application.

2. Peel away the required label from the sheet gently at an angle (starting from a corner).

3. Being careful not to touch the back of the label, position it where you’d like it to go, and press down, again from a corner, smoothing over it with your thumb to ensure there are no bubbles. Bubbles are good for parties. Not for labels. Rub over the label thoroughly with a smooth flat object such as a plastic ruler or credit card.

4. Voilà! You’re done (how clever are you?!). Make sure you wait 24 hours before these guys get wet!

If you require assistance, please email our Chief Label Applier at

What size are the labels?

Our labels come in various sizes, which can be found under each individual product description on the shop page of our website.



What are these products made from?

Our timber tags and tiles are made from Hoop Pine Plywood, a native specie grown in Queensland, Australia. The plantations are in Yaraman, a rural town in the Toowoomba Region, and also further north in Gympie, a town in the Wide Bay-Burnett district.

The timber we used could well infact be older than you! It takes around 50 years from planting to reach the harvesting cycle.

It is a sustainable resource that is 100% plantation grown, and proudly boasts a Green Star timber accreditation.

The plantation is committed to supporting responsibly managed timber harvesting and processing. Inevitably, wood waste is generated in the production process, however this waste is turned into energy to fuel equipment in the mill. Left over cores are used in the manufacture of timber pallets, and could even make it into your own backyard by way of bark used in landscaping.

Is there variation in the timber?

As timber is a natural material, each tag, tile and stand has it’s own unique appearance with variation in character, colour and grain pattern. We like to think of them as beautiful imperfections (just like real people have!)

This also means the colour of the laser etch can vary with timber, appearing darker or lighter depending on the resin content in the natural material.

How do I care for my timber products?

Our timber tags, tiles & stands like to be treated gently. Simply wipe them over with a clean dry cloth.

Avoid exposing them to moisture or putting them in rooms that get humid as it can lead to the timber warping.

What kinds of materials can I adhere my tags to?

Our timber tags can be applied to surfaces with the Command™ 3M range by following their recommended application.

Adhesive velcro dots are also fantastic if you like to swap things around and rotate your toys.

There is also the option to order your tags with holes/swing tag ties, so they can be tied to baskets with ease.

What size are the timber products?

Our timber products come in various sizes, which can be found under each individual product description on the shop page of our website.

All Second Scout products are for decoration purposes and not to be used as toys.